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The Sherip Khimshiashvili Museum was founded on the initiative and charity work of nullTeimurazKomakhidze and Nargiz Abashidze in Zemo Achara in September, 2002 in the former house of Sherip Khimshiashvili in Skhalta. The house is located in the Skhalta-Khikhani Gorge, on the left bank of the river Skhaltistskali, next to the Skhalta Church built at the turn of 12th-13th cc by Queen Tamar’s initiative.

The house dates to the 19th century and belonged to Sherip Khimshiashvili – the leader of the national-liberating movement in Adjara or Muslim Georgia and the governor of Adjara during the Ottoman rule in Adjara. He was doing his best during the Russo-Turkish wars for the benefit of his country and people and for the return of Adjara to its motherland. Sherip Khimshiashvili and his descendents fulfilled his ancestor’s – Selim Khimshiashvili’s (Sherip’s grandfather) will which he, treacherously arrested, pronounced before his execution – “Though I am going to be beheaded I still will definitely tell you that the Ottomans will never possess Gurjistan for good”. His activities were successfully proceeded by his offspring.

To the right of the museum, along the banks of the river Skhaltistskali there are graves of Sherip’s child and his fourth German wife. The graves were made by Maria Fyodorovna, the Emperor Alexander III‘s wife who was the foster-sister of Sherip’s wife.
     A special place is dedicated to the photo-materials of Sherip’s 20 children – 11 sons and 9 girls, and their posterity, depicting different periods of their lives and activities mainly connected to the survival and revival of the motherland while after the liberation of Muslim Georgia – to the issues of Christianity and education. It is noteworthy to consider the nostalgia expressed in a verse “I Miss You My Khulo” by Melaat Khimshiashvili, the citizen of Turkey, Sherip’s grandson from his German wife

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