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        He restoration of the Nigazeuli Fortress began in 2002. However, it has not been accomplished yet due to various reasons.

Nigazeuli Fortress-Museum was opened on 1 July, 2003.

The area of the museum comprises 65 sq meters. It mainly displays photo-materials, household appliances, military weapons, letters and publications, various books depicting lives and activities of the Khimshiashvilis as well as other historical figures throughout Adjara and their merits towards the homeland.

   The museum is located on the Fortress-fence.

  The total area of the Fortress-fence is 2606 m, the length is 229 m. It has 6 towers with the height of 6-7 meters. The height of the Fortress itself is 5-6 meters.              

 The initiator of founding the museum belongs to Teimuraz Komakhidze. Owing to his charity works Selim Khimshiashvili’s grave was made, the fence was repaired and finally the museum was opened in 2003.


                                                               The Head of the Nigazeuli Fortress-Museum: Elguja Khimshiashvili

                                                                                                                                         Telephone: 858-25-65-56




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